Community Engagement

Make your voice heard in our plan! Attend a public workshop.

Workshop schedule

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Saturday, February 4th

Thursday, March 9th
Virtual on Zoom

In-person community visioning workshop. Collaborate with your neighbors to develop your best ideas for the future of housing, transportation, economic development, natural and cultural resources, community facilities and services, open space and recreation, and land use and zoning, and climate change at the town and village scale.

Goals & priorities workshop. Review the results of the in-person Community Visioning workshop and brainstorm goals and priorities for Montague.

Additional outreach to be conducted in the spring and summer:

Focus groups with under-represented and vulnerable populations. Planning staff will work with community partners to hear the concerns and needs of vulnerable populations living in Montague, whose feedback will be incorporated into all parts of the plan.

Topic-specific virtual workshops as needed.

What is community visioning?

Scenario planning is an opportunity to explore alternative futures for Montague and the trade-offs associated with those alternatives. The workshops will allow Montague stakeholders to:

  • Develop a collective vision for infrastructure, sustainable development, and conservation
  • Identify differences between that vision and current conditions
  • Identify the actions that will be needed to achieve that vision

To truly address the long-term issues facing Montague, the Five Villages: One Future comprehensive plan has to tackle those difficult questions that arise from an honest assessment of our community’s challenges and clearly state the hard choices we must make to achieve the community’s vision for the future. Many of these hard choices are rooted in the fact that a “business as usual” approach often results in systems and patterns that are unsustainable or that produce results counter to our community’s stated vision and goals. The uncertainty and complexity associated with planning for the next 15 years can feel daunting.

Working together, we can create a vision and develop concrete actions to make Montague a thriving and welcoming town.

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